Raising the Child You Have

Child Meltdowns – Parent Burnout with Dr Tara Zuckerman

For many of us, these are stressful times! They are especially stressful for parents trying to help children manage anxiety when grownup anxiety is so close to the surface. We  … Read more

Episode #227 The Developmental Impact of the Covid Years

When was the “last normal school year”? For 12th Graders, it was 9th Grade. For 6th Graders, it was 3rd Grade. For Kindergartners through 2nd Grade, NEVER! Our preK children  … Read more

Episode #226 When a Child asks, “Is God Evil?”

Why doesn’t G-d make Covid go away! Join us as we explore how to answer really hard questions from children when we are struggling with the same questions. How can  … Read more

Episode #225 Is My Best Friend a Robot? Talking with children about medically complicated situations

This is an inspiring and fearless conversation with Mandi Franklin, pediatric nurse practitioner and children’s book author. Her new book is called Is My Best Friend a Robot? The book  … Read more

Episode #224 The Learning Poem

Here is my favorite poem and a few thoughts on The Learning Poem because all learning really is about emotions, a process of skill building, mistake-making and L E A  … Read more

Episode #223 Anxiety – Yours Mine Ours

For many of us, these are stressful times! They are especially stressful for parents trying to help children manage anxiety when grownup anxiety is so close to the surface. We  … Read more

Episode #223 Anxiety – Yours Mine Ours

For many of us, these are stressful times! They are especially stressful for parents trying to help children manage anxiety when grownup anxiety is so close to the surface. We  … Read more

Episode #222 Sorry, Not Sorry

Teaching children empathy and the skill of repairing mistakes is developmental and complicated. Here’s a great conversation from Karen’s new podcast with Rabbi David Steinhardt, called The Language of Ahava.  … Read more

Episode #220 Children’s Anger

What to do when your child’s angry? When your child can’t “hear” your calming messages? Anger is a big, challenging emotion for the children experiencing it and for the parents  … Read more

Episode #219 Laughter & Emotional Intelligence

Our goal is to raise children who have strong emotional intelligence, who are resilient, resourceful, flexible and experience joy. The developmental arc of emotional intelligence is to move from the  … Read more

Episode #218 Setting Limits when Your Child Isn’t Cooperating

Here’s an episode from the Archives talking about Setting Limits with Respect when there is resistance, attitude and pushback from your child. With 5 new tips from Karen: Act with  … Read more

Episode #217 Lauren Grabois Fischer from The Be Books

Be inspired by The Be Books and Lauren’s message of kindness and positivity. Lauren also shares following her dream as a mom and an author   See more about Lauren  … Read more

Episode #216 Change My Child’s Behavior Now

In our quest to be “better” in a new year, we often look around and try to get others to change – particularly the all the frustrating things children do.  … Read more

Episode #215 Artificial Intelligence in the Home

I’m excited for Part 2 of my conversation with Alexis Cobo, Computer, Science & Technology Specialist at Pinecrest School in Boca Raton. In this podcast, Alexis shares insights and recommendations  … Read more

Episode #214 Tech Toys and Play

This is not a tech toy shopping list. It’s better. It’s how children engage and play with technology in order to create thinking and problem solving skills to be innovators  … Read more

Episode #213 It’s a Gift to Give

Here’s a little reminder to step back from holiday stress to think of how your family, even the youngest children, can help others and receive “the gift of giving”    … Read more

Episode #211 Gratitude and Emotional Intelligence

Gratitude and Emotional Intelligence go hand in hand – both are skills that require practice to develop fully. The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence suggests three parts to a “gratitude  … Read more

Episode #210 Revisiting Self Care before Holiday Madness Sets In

You owe it to your children! You owe it to yourself!   Revisiting Episode #92

Episode #209 Revisiting Temperament

Temperament is the key to managing change, comfort, skill building and so much more! Listen to this important conversation from the Archives!

Episode #207 Saying Good Bye to a Pet

There are few things sadder and harder than saying good bye to a pet. Each child, each age and stage of development, each parent and each family has different and  … Read more

Episode #206 Baby Dads – what no one told us

This is a follow-up to Episode #195 with Newborn Moms describing What No One Told Us about those insane first 2 months. Here’s the Dad conversation!!! You will love it.  … Read more

Episode #205 Self-Acceptance & Mom Mistakes

One from the Archives that was originally titled “I Did Everything Wrong” – Yes! Learning and growing, for parents as well as for kids, means mistake-making, uncertainty and risk. If  … Read more

Episode # 204 Adjusting to Motherhood, and Fatherhood

Becoming a parent is monumental. Moms and dads need support and understanding navigating changing roles, changing routines, changing relationships, not to mention all the physical and emotional upheaval. Meet Dr.  … Read more

Episode #203 From Baby Class to PreK

Oh, what a journey! From Baby Class to PreK! With every year and new stage of development, children grow and change and parents grow and change. Here are three moms  … Read more

Episode #202 Tummy Time

Tummy Time is the foundation for all future growth and learning! Listen to Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Shannon Vinsentin, talk about the value and benefits of Tummy Time and how parents  … Read more

Episode # 201 Look for the Helpers

As so many are getting involved to help the Bahamas post-hurricane, be sure to teach your children that they are the helpers too! When we give, we also learn how  … Read more

Episode #200 See Me Hear Love Me Co-Teaching with Amy

Here’s a short and fun conversation between Ms Amy and me, co-teaching in Family Time classes for the last 15 years. See Me Hear Me Love Me is part of  … Read more

Episode #199 Understanding Feelings and Needs beneath Behavior

Let’s explore the feelings and needs beneath children’s behavior – starting with tantrums! Looking at the See Me Hear Me Love Me tools we need to understand children’s behavior. We  … Read more

Episode #198 I Believe in Preschool

I believe in preschool because I believe Early Childhood Educators are the best protectors of childhood. Preschools celebrate innocence and curiosity, messy play and the building blocks of lifelong learning.  … Read more

Episode #197 Parents Tired of Battling Toddlers & Exhausting Children

Here’s the conversation for all the times books and parenting advice fall short. It’s the conversation for children knowing better and not doing better. It’s for parents who are tired,  … Read more

Episode #196 Kid Behavior – Family Behavior

Here is a podcast about responding to all the crazy-making situations in parenting with practical wisdom of how to connect-teach-guide your child to becoming a person you you truly enjoy  … Read more

Episode #195 No One Told Us – the First Two Months

Here are 2 moms of babies looking back at the first 2 months with their babies! Who is this new person that changes everything you know, think, feel and do?  … Read more

Episode #194 Working Mom, How Do You Do It?

Our continuing conversation with moms who are juggling work demands, family demands and self-care. How do they manage schedules, planning and all the unforeseen challenges of holding it all together?  … Read more

Episode #193 The 5 Minute Challenge

We can set boundaries for children without saying “no” and without scolding. The challenge is can you flip all those “no’s” into saying what you really want and guiding your  … Read more

Episode #192 Temperament IS SeeMeHearMeLoveMe

Temperament IS the key to parenting and teaching. As we understand our own temperament style and each child’s temperament style, we grow in understanding and connection – to become the  … Read more

Episode #191 Divorce – Getting the Support You Need

Divorce brings lots of feelings of fear and uncertainty. Change is hard. But here are two extraordinary women talking about the emotional support and knowledge that it takes to manage  … Read more

Episode #190 Big Emotions Starting Camp

Big emotions are a part of every new beginning, every new step in development – particularly starting Camp or School. Listen as these 3 moms describe the emotions and the  … Read more

Episode #189 Dads on Dads – Coach & Nurturers

Dads are redefining what it means to be a dad. Listen as these dads describe their emotional commitment to being the kind of dads they strive to be. They want  … Read more

Episode #188 Revisiting The Power of Comfort Objects

Listen to this conversation from the archives about the emotional skill building found in comfort objects!   At the table with Jenn, Michele and Dustin

Episode #187 Raising Children who Trust Their Voice

How to raise a daughter, or a son, who feels strong and confident in her voice and her choices, particularly in a world where it might be easy to grow  … Read more

Episode #186 Talking about Adoption

Listen to three very different Adoption Stories that help us all to be more aware and more sensitive in our language and our understanding of families and family stories. At  … Read more

Episode #185 The Early Years Matter – A Dad’s Perspective

Early Childhood professionals know how much Early Childhood matters to brain development, to learning and growing, to realizing a child fullest potential. Here’s invaluable insight from a Dad who knows  … Read more

Episode #184 A Little Summer Unplug – Skills & Tools

Listen to an experienced parent talk about years of Summer and Weekly unplugging! You will be wowed by the deep and profound impact of “disconnecting” from technology and screens in  … Read more

Episode #183 Mothers Day and Self-Care

Wishing everyone a Mother’s Day full of self-care, self-honoring and self-recognition!  

Episode #182 Mean Moms – Good Moms

Listen as we discuss what rules are important in a particular family and how different parents set those rules. Mean Moms? Good Moms? Loving Moms? Everyone finds their own parenting  … Read more

Episode #181 Stories, Storytelling & Parenting

Inuit parents use storytelling to help children manage difficult situations. They do so without yelling and without scolding through stories, play and imagination. Here are a few of my thoughts  … Read more

Episode #180 Spring Celebration Yes Day

The book “Yes Day” by Amy Krause Rosenthal challenges us to change our routines and be less predictable. It challenges us to give children voice and power while trusting that  … Read more

Episode #179 Tidying Up & Decluttering with Kids

Managing all the stuff in a home is complicated enough and then you add in kids who have their own emotional attachment to stuff and their own resistance to clean-up  … Read more

Episode #178 Dads on Dads

Are we listening to Dad Stories? I’m pretty sure Dads are carrying a big load of emotional parenting on their shoulders. Listen to what they are juggling day-to-day, their worries,  … Read more

Episode #177 Revisiting Importance of Social-Emotional Skills

Let’s revisit why social-emotional skills are so important for Kindergarten and life success. Listen as Early Childhood educators discuss how kids learn best. This is a replay of Episode #142  … Read more

Episode #176 Emotions and Emotional Intelligence

Emotions may be the most important key to understanding ourselves and creating deeply loving, nurturing relationships. Today we talk about baby emotions, toddler emotions, how layered and complex emotions feels  … Read more

Episode #175 It Goes Too Fast

This podcast is filled with heart as you hear the joy of raising children with family connection to grown siblings, cousins and parent traditions. Yes, it goes way too fast  … Read more

Episode #174 Ready for Baby #2 or Not

Getting ready for Baby #2 is different from getting ready for your first child because you already know how a baby changes your world and your life. This time you  … Read more

Episode #173 Tinkering

Tinkering is the fun road to big STEM thinking and learning. Listen as two parents and educators talk about the play, innovation, discovery and tinkering that builds STEM skills in  … Read more

Episode #172 The The Sensory Exploration Room and Learning

Listen to the insights of body-brain development from Jodi Dietz, owner of Dietz Pediatric Therapy. Give your child the joy of movement to unlock their fullest potential for all learning!  … Read more

Episode #171 The Pocket Rant – pink and blue

Had to have this mini Pocket Rant when someone shared this article with me – The Sexist History of Women’s Pockets:   Hope it helps us all reflect on  … Read more

Episode #170 Ready for Potty Training

Are you ready for potty training? Is your child ready for potty learning? Begin with a respect for your child’s readiness and your child’s ability to manage his or her  … Read more

Episode #169 Parenting – Marriage – Communication

Here’s one from the archives, originally titles Parents: United and Separate – how to respect differences and come together when it matters! Revisiting because we know the secret is Communication!!!  … Read more

Episode #168 Peace and Power for Parents

Parent peace is always elusive and it’s even harder as your child grows in independence and sassiness. Listen as these parents follow up on Episode #90 – the ongoing challenge  … Read more

Episode #167 Giving and Receiving

With the help of B’nai Torah’s TLC coordinator, Tzedakah, Learning & Chesed, we can shift our perception and awareness to see all the possible ways we can be involved in  … Read more

Episode #166 Looking Forward…Together

Today’s podcast is with two extraordinary people who inspire me and steer me regularly towards hope, purpose and meaning. Today they share their vision looking forward – what gives them  … Read more

Episode #165 Happy New Year Wishes

my New Year’s wish for you – there will be love in 2019, lots of love!!!!  

Episode #162 Revisiting How to be a Peaceful Parent

Revisiting Episode #90 Parents wake up every day with the intention of being peaceful, calm, understanding and deeply loving. If you have a young child, chances are you begin to  … Read more

Episode #161 Domestic Mommies

Here’s a fun episode with two moms who have found ways to stay sane and organized by making life easier for themselves – partnering with “domestic dads”, being realistic about  … Read more

Episode #160 Mom Wisdom – looking back

Here are three amazing moms with 20/20 hindsight for their Mom Journey! There’s true wisdom in what they understand about themselves and their children and also the priceless experience of  … Read more

Episode #159 Allergies

Whether you have a child with allergies or know children with allergies, listen to this important podcast. We all need to become aware and informed about the risks and challenges  … Read more

Episode #158 Working Moms keep it working together

Listen as these moms manage and organize and plan for their needs and the needs of their children and families. Bravo to the working moms who “keep it working together”  … Read more

Episode #157 Raising Mentally Strong Children

Today we look at how to know what your child needs in a stressful, overwhelming world. We talk about anxiety and joy, pressure and perfection, confidence and vulnerability. When faced  … Read more

Episode #156 Jewish Parenting in a Messy World

Here’s a very special podcast recorded at Temple Tikvah in New Hyde Park, NY where we met to talk about what it means to be a Jewish family in a  … Read more

Episode #155 Cancer hates kisses

Cancer Hates Kisses is the name of a children’s book written to help children feel strong and safe after someone in their family is diagnosed with cancer. This podcast is  … Read more

Episode #154 Karen in the Hot Seat

Yikes….everything you ever wanted to know about me?!? Yes, I’m in the hot seat with two fun and amazing parents interviewing me!   At the table with Stacey and Jayne

Episode #153 Parenting Improv – dare to suck!

Living with kids is a LOT like improv since they aren’t very good at staying on “script”! So, instead of resisting and reacting to the messiness of life-with-kids, let’s meet  … Read more

Episode #152 Dads with Powerful Fearless Daughters

Powerful, fearless girls are self-directed, curious, all-in,masterful, maybe a little relentless, but definitely risk-takers. They often defy gender and age expectations for toddlers and children. And they often challenge parents  … Read more

Episode #151 The Mom Rant

Everyone needs a good rant – to let out all those contradictory and complex feelings and thoughts that coexist with the joy and meaningfulness of being a mom. Let’s talk  … Read more

Episode #150 When Parents Get Sick

This is a must-hear episode of the things you believe you can never handle – mom getting sick or dad having a terrible accident. Listen and discover strength, bravery and  … Read more

Episode #149 Strong Willed Child Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of the Strong Willed Child conversation. This time we speak to parents of school-age children. “Strong willed” isn’t something kids grow out of but they do learn  … Read more

Episode #148 Strong-Willed Child Part 1

Parents of strong willed children are extraordinary because they must find a way that is respectful, nurturing and guiding without taking away a child’s age-appropriate power. It’s not easy but,  … Read more

Episode #147 Back to School Emotional Separations

Listen as we revisit Episode #96 to hear how parents manage Back to School tears and fears with emotional resilience and trust.

Episode #146 Trust Us – Back to School

Trust teachers. Trust your child. Trust yourself.  

Episode #145 Mom Bodies – Daughter Bodies

Body love – body hate – body shame? Facing our body in the mirror and teaching our daughters to be okay with all the body moments.   This conversation is  … Read more

Episode #144 Micromanager Moms or How to Let Go of the Little Stuff

What matters and what can you let go of? What needs your attention and what can you trust will be okay? Are you a Micromanager Mom stressing over doing everything  … Read more

Episode #143 How You Manage Technology

Screens and technology are challenging in this very connected world. Each family considers and evaluates quantity and quality of use to create their own rules and routines. Listen to these  … Read more

Episode #142 Essential Social Emotional Skills for Kindegarten

Here it is – why social-emotional skills are the foundation of all learning! Educators truly care about academic excellence, children reaching their fullest potential and students being academically challenged. We  … Read more

Episode #141 Food Hacks from Foodie Moms

Tips from moms who truly enjoy food, enjoy planning and prepping meals, enjoy being creative in the kitchen. And….share their hacks and short cuts to keep sane. The struggle is  … Read more

Episode #140 PJ Library – Best Jewish Kids Literature and Music

Our podcast guest is Elana Ostroff, the PJ Library Director for South Palm Beach County FL. PJ Libary sends free award-winning books that celebrate Jewish values and culture to families  … Read more

Episode #139 A Summer Challenge – BIG play!

Summers are definitely not boring with big, open-ended play experiences and parents stepping back to create time and space for deep, genuine, all-in play! For smaller “adventures”, consider making a  … Read more

Episode #138 Grandparents – it’s a fine line

It’s a fine line being the parent to grown children and being a grandparent. How do you stay involved and let go? Agree and maybe disagree? Juggle your idea of  … Read more

Episode #137 Celebrating the Child You Have

We all know that real kids are very different than the ones we imagine and especially different than the ones in books and on social media. How to adapt to  … Read more

Episode #135 Daydreaming and Creativity

Wishing you a time for daydreaming this Summer! And time to encourage daydreaming in your children. My 3 tips for creativity and daydreaming: 1. Allow and Accept 2. Play with  … Read more

Episode #134 Incentivizing Behavior?

How-When-If to incentivize children’s behavior is a genuine question for parents and teachers. Are there effective ways to use if-then motivation? Do external motivations help children to learn to make  … Read more

Episode #133 Traveling with Kids

Traveling with children, especially younger children, takes a special attitude and maybe a few tips from those who actually like traveling with babies and children. Get ready for a fun  … Read more

Episode #132 Who’s in Charge? Collaborative Parenting

This episode is Karen thinking outloud about “who’s in charge” and how parents, and grown-ups, walk that balance between guiding-teaching-leading and honoring each child’s voice and choice. Here’s where I  … Read more

Episode #131 Exhausted and Needs Help!

Parenting is exhausting! Sleep deprived, managing the needs of children, trying to manage the demands of work and life commitments. One writer described it as physically, mentally and spiritually exhausting.  … Read more

Episode #130 Feeding Your Family can be Fun

Here are two moms who still enjoy planning and cooking for their families, even with busy schedules. Be inspired by a love of healthy food and sharing meals together. And  … Read more

Episode #129 The Power of Comfort Objects

The power of comfort objects is to hold “love” in your hands – to feel safe, secure, to find emotional comfort, competence and courage that comes from connection and loving  … Read more

Episode #128 No One Told Me – parenting emotions and decisions

“Who knew I’d feel every emotion known to man? Who knew I’d love so much? Who knew I’d have 3 mirrors walking around imitating my behavior”. After seeing the vlog  … Read more

Episode #127 Exploring Tot Shabbat, God & Spirituality with Kids

In this very special conversation with Emily Teck, Jewish Early Childhood Educator-Musician-Mom, we explore creating Jewish family experiences that engage and include our youngest children. Emily shares her parenting experiences  … Read more

Episode #126 Favorite and Least Favorite Stages

Parents might feel like they are suppose to love every age and stage of children’s development…can’t be! Some love the baby stage. Some love powerful, independent stages. I believe reflecting  … Read more

Episode #125 Guns and Playdates

The goal of this podcast is to open the door to conversations about gun safety in homes, to begin to acknowledge the reality that a significant number of families with  … Read more

Episode #124 Spring and Baby Chicks at Preschool

It’s Springtime at The Ruth and Edward Taubman Early Childhood Center and the chicks are hatching!!! Listen to the magic of this experience!   At the table With Ms. Debbie

Episode #123 Chat with Amy

Sharing this special conversation with an extraordinary teacher and woman – the woman who generously gives to children and to parents every day, who shares her heart, her experience and  … Read more

Episode #122 Sensory Exploration & Experiences

Sensory play is essential to learning, to growing, to mastery, to problem solving, to self-direction, to self-regulation, to playing well with others! And…it’s even more valuable in a world of  … Read more

Episode #121 Gender Stereotypes – Raising Boys & Girls

A few gender-neutral parenting suggestions from Karen…because the differences between boys and girls may be real but the differences from child to child are far more interesting. And children need  … Read more

Episode #120 Holding Space for Difficult Emotions

A few thoughts on managing the difficult emotions and the crisis in our community after the shootings at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. The concept of “holding space” might help  … Read more

Episode #119 Yes Day

What could be more fun that giving your child a “Yes Day”, based on the book by Amy Krause Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld? As with all parenting ideas, it will  … Read more

Episode #118 Quiet Power – the introvert child

Today we celebrate the power and the strengths of the quiet child – the watchful child, the slow-to-warm-up temperament.  

Episode #117 Language – use your words

Language learning is magical when we connect it to thinking and feelings. Language gives us the power to capture our world in words, to share it with others and to  … Read more

Episode #116 A Yes Day!

Make it a Yes Day and say YES to play, YES to mistakes, YES to time, YES to creativity….and thank you for being “enough”.  

Episode #115 Body Image Revisited

Children learn body image not from a mirror on the wall. They learn it reflected in your eyes Show your child with words and actions that her body is a  … Read more

Episode #114 Being Neil’s Mom – from Mommy & Me to Yale

Here’s one mom’s story of raising her son from babyhood to college. Sandy had a mission to be Neil’s personal coach, guide and teacher. Like every parent, she also had  … Read more

Episode #113 Talking with Toddlers

Talking with children is connecting and being present to their thoughts, feelings and experiences. It takes a bit of trial-n-error to discover how to talk to your child with respect  … Read more

Episode #112 Distracted Parents Staying Connected

Parents, especially moms, are master multi-taskers. Yet, there are times when times when multi-tasking is efficient and helpful and others when it’s not. Children need to feel connected in order  … Read more

Episode #111 Fear and Anxiety Over the “A” Word – Autism

Children with autistic characteristics need all the same things as children who do not have any autistic behaviors – love, respect, emotions, attachment and understanding of their wants and needs.  … Read more

Episode #110 Emotions Connect Kids to Toys

When I asked myself, what do I look to in toys? This was my answer – after magic, fun, imagination, curiosity and discovery, I arrived at it’s the “ahhhhhh” moment  … Read more

Episode #108 Happy Thanksgiving Gratitude

My gratitude message for you this week is: take in all that wonder, pause, say “thank you” out loud. Give yourself and your family mindfulness moments to feel all that  … Read more

Episode #105 What Lies Beneath Children”s Behavior Part 2

Here’s my take on Episode #16, What Lies Beneath – feelings and needs behind children’s behavior. Start with feelings. Address basic needs. And really ask what do I want or  … Read more

Episode #104 Personality at Birth – Temperament

Temperament is the key to all parenting – to understanding your child’s rhythms and routines, preferences and strengths, ways to comfort, how to encourage new skills and new situations, how  … Read more

Episode #103 Parenting in a Worrisome World

Listen for some timeless wisdom about how to continue to raise resilient, optimistic children in a stressful world. Dr. Aaryn Gottesfeld brings a calm and reassuring voice as she helps  … Read more

Episode #102 Bilingual and Multilingual Families

Raising children in bilingual and multilingual homes gives parents a personal and powerful way to share their roots and connections to stories and traditions. It gets complicated though because children  … Read more

Episode #100 Revisiting How We Got Our Name

Here is a replay of Episode #2: How We Got Our Name – for all our new listeners out there. For me, See Me Hear Me Love Me is a  … Read more

Episode #99 FOMO and The Entitlement-Free Child

Respond to the anxiety and panic of FOMO with See Me Hear Me Love Me, Parent-child problem solving partnerships, and Connecting the dots for learning.   At the table solo  … Read more

Episode #98 What Do You Need?

Here’s a short podcast with Karen about helping kids to know understand and communicate what they need. Self awareness becomes the foundation of social-emotional learning including self-management and problem-solving skills.  … Read more

Episode #97 Potty Training – each child is different

Potty training is not about about the potty, or about the pee and the poop. It’s about a child learning how to manage his or her body, about learning new  … Read more

Episode #96 Back-to-School Tears and Fears

Fears are a normal part of starting something new whether you are 2 or 32 years old. Listen to two caring parents talk about how they manage their emotions as  … Read more

Episode #94 Setting Limits with Respect

Setting limits lovingly and respectfully can be a challenge as parents experience the complex emotions and emotional messiness of life-with-kids, especially when reasonable parents are met with resistance, attitude and  … Read more

Episode #93 Hurry Up – Slow Down

Juggling the busyness and now-ness of being with kids is always challenging. Slow and simple has extraordinary value for kids learning to think and feel and become themselves. Listen to  … Read more

Episode #92 Self-Care

Self-care is and must be a priority, and is especially challenging during the early years – with all the physical and emotional needs of young children, the steep learning curve  … Read more

Episode #91 Parents – United and Separate

This podcast helps parents find their way to consistency and compromise and creating a united front when it really matters while respecting individual differences and different parenting styles. At the  … Read more

Episode #90 How to be a Peaceful Parent with Kids Messing Up the Peace

Parents wake up every day with the intention of being peaceful, calm, understanding and deeply loving. If you have a young child, chances are you begin to lose that peace  … Read more

Episode #89 What’s Normal? Comparisons, Competetiveness and Momshaming

It’s not easy to find and define your own parenting style that fits each individual child. It takes time and heart to figure it out and to find the people  … Read more

Episode #88 Moving Day

Moving can be stressful. Moving with kids adds new levels of complications – time challenges, packing and unpacking, creating emotional stability and supporting changes in what’s familiar and routine. Today  … Read more

Episode #87 Birthday Party Fun and Madness

Parents beware of the stress, the expense, and the ever-striving desire to make each and every birthday the most magical day of the year. Instead know that there are thousands  … Read more

Episode #86 Starting Camp – Mom Emotions

We talk alot about big emotions for toddlers. Today, the conversation is big emotions for Moms. Even when you and your child are well prepared for starting school or summer  … Read more

Episode #85 Unplugging – taking breaks from technology

Unplugging from technology, whether it’s for a few hours, a day or as part of a summer routine, will change everything! Listen as this experienced parent and educator creates the  … Read more

Episode #84 If I knew then…

Being a parent means learning each new age and stage along with your child and, mostly, it’s trying your best through uncertainty and doubt. But “If you knew then, what  … Read more

Episode #83 Mompreneurs

Listen as two strong, creative, busy, fearless, action-oriented mom entrepreneurs talk about dreams and family. Be inspired by their honesty of honoring themselves, of creating mom-friendly businesses and of being  … Read more

Episode #81 Preschool Graduation – leaving the bubble

The preschool years are an incredible journey of growth and change but these years are also a safe haven in a complicated world both for children and for parents. Listen  … Read more

Episode #80 Learning and Development- Vision and Movement

Vision and movement are essential to learning. Visual processing skills gained through movement, play and interacting with people and environments are the foundation for learning, thinking and mastery in almost  … Read more

Episode #79 Listening, Consequences, Teachable Moments

How do we shift from discipline as policing and enforcing rules to skill-building and self-management? When are children hearing our messages and listening to our guidance as we try to  … Read more

Episode #78 Social Media – Perfect Parents

Social media creates unique challenges to everyone today, particularly parents. The value of sharing with others others and connecting to distant friends and family is enormous. But appearances and comparisons  … Read more

Episode #77 The World of Early Childhood Teachers

The 2nd Annual World of Early Childhood Teachers podcast gives parents the opportunity to hear how teachers experience their commitment to children and families. Teachers bring heart to everything they  … Read more

Episode #76 Tantrums and Fairy Dust

Here it is – a conversation on tantrums that will give your peace about tantrums. Tantrums are part of childhood (and adulthood too when things gets overwhelming) and part of  … Read more

Episode #75 Kid Friendly Seders and Houses for Change

Seder stress is real, especially if you have an mobile baby, an active toddler or a precocious preschooler. Not to worry – you can make a kid-friendly Seder that embraces  … Read more

Episode #74 10 Reasons to Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is essential but especially for parents. Here are 10 reasons why taking care of yourself matters for your children. Children need grown-ups to show them how  … Read more

Episode #72 Parent Response to Hate and Anti-Semitism

Parents are faced with the heart-wrenching challenge of protecting their children against anti-Semitism and hatefulness. Children can’t understand the adult realities of bomb threats and violence so we must start  … Read more

Episode #71 Dad’s Perspective on Parenting Styles

Here it is – dads supporting dads! Dads writing their own path to understanding and raising kids! You’ll laugh. You might cry a few tender hearted tears. What makes a  … Read more

Episode #70 Trusting Your Pediatrician

In a world of overwhelming and contradictory medical and child development information, it might seem harder and harder for parents to find a pediatrician they can trust. Today’s guests are  … Read more

Episode #68 Raising Resilient Kids Quick Tip

It takes a balance of freedom and support to raise capable, resourceful, resilient children who know the help and the guidance when they need it.The perfect balance is individual and  … Read more

Episode #67 Pacifiers and The Pacifier Tree

Comfort objects are very personal to young children. The attachments are deep and powerful and it’s not always easy to know how and when to help your child transition to  … Read more

Episode #66 Nannies

Families want their children to be safe and loved. They want someone who understands their needs and priorities. The parent-nanny relationship is certainly more than a typical job because it  … Read more

Episode #65 Inner Resources – Finding Everything You Need Within

This podcast is full of hope and optimism with three extraordinary women whose daily practices help them find strength, courage, patience, calm and unconditional love to manage day-to-day life with  … Read more

Episode #64 – Helicopter Grandparents

Helicopteryness is so much more interesting when we suspend judgment and explore the what, how and why behind it. What is a helicopter grandparent? Is it hovering, speaking up, wanting  … Read more

Episode #63 Mind of My Own Toddlers

Toddlers are the Xkids – Xtreme emotions, Xtreme growth, Xtreme challenges. Growth is exponential, their power is raw and relentless, and yet, they need us in an all-out resistance kinda  … Read more

Episode #62 Happy 2017 – repeat after me…Gratitude, Empathy & Giving Back

This podcast is a repeat of an earlier podcast but one with a message for teaching children kindness and generosity from the earliest ages and stages. Young children may struggle  … Read more

Episode #60 Helicopteryness – Overworrying or Too Laid Back?

No one wants to be a helicopter parent but everyone has some degree of helicopteryness (thank you Jenn for the perfect word). Finding the right balance between over-worrying and being  … Read more

Episode #59 Risky Play and Playborhoods

Most parents want a childhood for their children where they are free to roam, to take risks and to have unsupervised, unstructured play. Some parents build giant playgrounds in their  … Read more

Episode #58 Toys – what do you look for?

When we talk about toys shopping, we are talking about very individual children and deep, genuine play. Here are three experienced parents talking about what matters most to them about  … Read more

Episode #57 No No No and Tantrums

Welcome to the world of toddlers and 2’s – a world of “no”, of “I am powerful”, BIG emotions and emotional meltdowns. It isn’t easy to hear-see-love the moment of  … Read more

Episode #56 Sleep – the never-ending challenge

Getting children to sleep and sleep through the night is a never-ending challenges. The best plans and routines are disrupted by a new developmental stage, by teething and illness, by  … Read more

Episode #55 Single Mom Challenges and Joy

Life with kids is messy and divorce makes things even messier. Whether you are a single parent sharing custody and trying to instill consistent values or a single parent 24/7,  … Read more

Episode #54 Mom Pressure – Mommy & Me Anxiety

We know first days of school cause stress for children, well so do the first days of Mommy & Me and Mom & Baby classes. it’s a judgy, pressure world  … Read more

Episode #53 Podcast-Aversary – change and trust

It’s the one year anniversary of See Me Hear Me Love Me and we talk about change and trust, the familiar places that make us feel safe in our parenting.  … Read more

Episode #52 Open Conversation – Hardest Part of Being a Mom

Welcome to an open discussion about the hardest part of being a mom for you. In between all the love and the joy of raising kids, are all the others  … Read more

Episode #51 Dress Up, Pretend Play, & Halloween

Pretend play is one of the most essential experiences for learning and growing in early childhood. It is the “dress rehearsal” for life, for the day-to-day challenges in childhood and  … Read more

Episode #50 Rosh Hashanah Reflections for Parents – a good year

Today we are talking about how the Jewish New Year is different from the January 1st New Year. Rosh Hashanah gives us that much needed “pause” to look back over  … Read more

Episode #49 Discipline Part 1 – Manage the Moment

It’s not easy when children don’t cooperate, don’t listen, or test the limits of a situation. Here is Part 1 of a two-parter on discipline called Manage the Moment. Yes,  … Read more

Episode #48 Calm Teaches Calm when your child drives you crazy

Fear, panic, shouting, scolding escalates a stressful scene into a worse one – like gasoline on fire. The mantra of the wise and reasonable parent is: I can handle anything.  … Read more

Episode #47 Moms are People – Creative, Risk-Taking Moms

Moms spend an enormous amount of time, heart and energy taking care of others – and we are grateful they do. But every so often, moms need to make an  … Read more

Episode #46 Starting School Jitters – Support for the Tears and Fears

Now matter how ready you and your child are for back-to-school or for starting school, there are big emotions and challenges. Even when first days go well, week 2 or  … Read more

Episode #44 The Child Who is Different – raising the out-of-the-box child

Let me introduce you to three uniquely bold and original parents raising each of their children as the individuals they were born to be. It isn’t easy to be different,  … Read more

Episode #43 10 Tips for Back to School Anxiety

Here are Karen’s 10 tips for back-to-school stress and anxiety. Change, even positive change change – new beginnings, new teachers, new classrooms, or a new school, are giant opportunities for  … Read more

Episode #42 Spirituality Mindfulness and God

Listen as these parents define and redefine choices about God and spirituality for their families and for their young children in very personal ways. Children and parents are changed by  … Read more

Episode #41 Smart and Sensitive Kids

Smart and sensitive kids are the ones who think deeply and feel deeply. They knock you off your game and create lots of doubts and questions in the thoughtful parents  … Read more

Episode #40 Potty Training with Karen

Potty training is always individual and customized to your child’s developmental needs and to your parenting style. Here are my Do’s & Don’ts that can help avoid the struggles and  … Read more

Episode #40 Potty Training with Karen

Episode #40 Potty Training with Karen by Karen Deerwester  

Episode #39 STEM for Toddlers and Preschoolers

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) gives educators and parents a new way of teaching young learners, as does it’s newer cousin STEAM which adds Art to the learning model).  … Read more

Episode #38 Summer Family Vacations – Get Organized!

Here are three experienced and enthusiastic vacation-planning parents. They capture the true reality of family vacations from “am I crazy?” to “let’s make this road trip longer”. Listen to the  … Read more

Episode #37 Kindergarten Redshirting and Summer Birthday Boys

Should children be held back an extra year before starting Kindergarten? In a world where Kindergarten is the new 2nd Grade, will the “gift of time” help children to grow  … Read more

Episode #36 Body Image Part 2

Body Image Part 1, Episode #29, spoke mostly about boys and body image. This episode is a conversation with three moms of girls talking about the unspoken messages and the  … Read more

Episode #35 Grandparents: Unconditional Love and Respect

Grandparenting is an entirely new relationship. In some ways, you are different people than you were as parents – different expectations, different commitments, different perspectives. And, in some ways, you  … Read more

Episode #34 A few minutes wth Karen – You Got This

Here’s a short few minutes just with Karen as Karen reflects on how to be a See Me Hear Me Love Me parent. Three suggestions to hit the pause button  … Read more

Episode #33 A Glimpse into the World of Early Childhood Teachers

Early Childhood Teachers are magical people! They create a new world in their classrooms – a place of joy and wonder, shared living, friendships and trust, deep feelings, growing together  … Read more

Episode #32 The “New” Dads – diaper changers & co-decision makers

The “new” dads are the diaper changers and co-decision makers. They are defining for themselves how dads look, act, speak, and sometimes struggle with being a parent. New research confirms  … Read more

Episode #31 Kid-Sized Philanthropy – little hands doing big things

Kid-sized philanthropy can start long before children understand the meaning of their actions – first birthday party projects, joining parents in community projects, immersion in a diverse world. Becoming helpers  … Read more

Episode #30 One and Done – In defense of the only child

Hello parents of one and only one child. Do you have to defend not wanting another? Do you feel guilty at not giving your child a sibling? Do you worry  … Read more

Episode #29 Body Image – it starts with babies

Body image starts with social perceptions surrounding our babies and toddlers begin to internalize the social conventions around 18 months. From “I hate my thighs” baby onesies to “future football  … Read more

Episode #27 Gratitude, Empathy and Giving

We teach children to be empathetic givers, not out of obligation or insistence, but rather by generosity and compassion. Listen in as we discuss the age-appropriate struggles of “me-mine” and  … Read more

Episode #26 Tutu’s Dirt and Broken Arms – girls will be girls

We are breaking the stereotypes today, at least in Early Childhood. When we let kids be who they are and let girls experiment and discover the world around them without  … Read more

Episode #25 Toddler Tech

Technology is everywhere, even in the lives of toddlers and very young children. This episode has three thoughtful parents of children under 2 discussing how, where and when technology fits  … Read more

Episode #23 Vacations and Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids is fun when expectations are relaxed and realistic. Plan for contingencies, pack strategically, use lists and organize around children’s ages and stages. Best advice: 1. packing is  … Read more

Episode #22 Reward Charts, Cooperation and Responsibility

Teaching responsibility and encouraging cooperation can be exhausting when your child wants to do things their way! It takes time and practice for children to learn emotional resilience and self-management.  … Read more

Episode #21 Raising Independent Kids- voice and choice

How does a parent make the shift from baby to preschooler…respecting children’s choices when they are first finding their own voice – what to wear, what to eat, bedtime and  … Read more

Episode #20 Twins – twice the love

Parenting times 2 – twice the love, twice the drama, twice the exhaustion! Twice the admiration and awe for parents of twins who juggle different needs and temperaments, who must  … Read more

Episode #19 Working Moms #2

Working moms, or is it working-for-pay moms, are essential to the See Me Hear Me Love Me conversation. Here is the second Working Moms segment – choices and expectations, routines  … Read more

Episode #18 Baby #2 or #3 – families grow and change

You can try to prepare for a new baby but you can never really know until you get there. One thing is for sure – there is ALWAYS more love!  … Read more

Episode #17 Tech and Soul

This is not the battle of kids and technology. It is a genuine discussion of the choices parents make, and revisit regularly, in a world where children and parents live  … Read more

Episode #16 What Lies Beneath – feelings and needs underneath behavior

Child behavior is only the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath is feelings, needs and huge developmental learning. Here’s a fabulous conversation as parents reflect on their children’s struggles  … Read more

Episode #15 Fun Dad

Dads are hands-on and all-in, very much part of their children’s lives. They bring the FUN and they bring a new respect and support for moms. Thanks Dads…for sharing your  … Read more

Episode #14 Potty Training

Who knew potty training could be so much fun – great examples, great stories, great questions! Potty training is different for every child as you respect each child’s timing and  … Read more

Episode #13 Working Moms

All moms are working moms but juggling work schedules and career goals into a busy family life requires ingenuity and flexibility. How do these moms do it? What causes them  … Read more