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Mirror play

5 in the Bed

Love this – it’s silliness, humor, pretend, play and “executive function” for toddlers!!!

What makes me passionate?

I was surprised when asked this question in an interview because my answer went on and on. And I’m so grateful to still feel this about the work I get  … Read more

Graduation Joy

Graduaton joy over each child having the space, the acceptance and the honor of being completely themselves without the stress of pomp and circumstance

Emotions & Courage for Moms

Happy Mother’s to the Tired & Fearless Moms Out There!

Executive Function – child’s play!

I love Early Childhood Education because something as complex as “executive function” is learned in play and silly rhymes, songs and stories.

Body Joy

Body Joy is what kids discover playing in front of a mirror wall!

Teaching Patience – Finding Patience

Can’t find patience from nowhere but you can make it with skillful emotional thinking.

December – The Whiney Month

This is the month of “too much” so expect some whining and meet your child’s inner Eeyore with calm and comfort.

What Does Gratitude Feel Like?

What Does Gratitude Look Like?Pause…Feel, Listen, Look-n-See

Teaching Resilience Post Irma

Teaching flexibility, adaptability and resourcefulness through challenging times

Awaiting Hurricane Irma with Young Children

Staying Connected through Hurricane Irma

Amygdala Hijacking

What happens when your reactive, hot-mess-making brain responds to life-with-kids? It’s “amygdala hijacking” – time to step back, pause, regroup and reconsider a better way to respond. Emotional intelligence strategies  … Read more

You Are A Creative Enough Parent

This video reminds you to use silly, spontaneous, creative play to meet children “where they are” and grow together from there.

Entitlement-Free…Smart Enough

This video shows you how to be “smarter than your child” when your child has you on a crazy path or in total doubt and desperation.

Entitlement-Free is Loving Enough

This video is how to feel “loving enough” through the challenges and struggles and messiness of life-with-kids

Essentials of Entitement-Free

The Essentials of An Entitement-Free Family are meeting your child’s needs and meeting the needs of parents in a happy, almost-sane family

Power Struggles

Avoid power struggles by owning your authentic power and giving your child age-appropriate power.

Potty Training Do’s & Don’ts: Podcast with Karen

Potty training is always individual and customized to your child’s development. Here are my Do’s and Don’ts that can help avoid the struggles and some of the frustrations. Start with  … Read more

Creative Risk Taking Moms Taking a Leap for Themselves

Moms spend an enormous amount of time, heart and energy taking care of others – and we are grateful they do. But every so often, moms need to make an  … Read more

Calm Teaches Calm when your child drives you cRaZy!

Fear, panic, shouting, scolding escalates a stressful scene into a worse one – like gasoline on fire. The mantra of the wise and reasonable parent is: I can handle anything.  … Read more

Podcast Episode #52: Hardest Part of Being a Mom

Welcome to an open discussion about the hardest part of being a mom for you. In between all the love and the joy of raising kids, are all the others  … Read more

Dress Up, Pretend and Halloween Play

Pretend play is one of the most essential experiences for learning and growing in early childhood. It is the “dress rehearsal” for life, for the day-to-day challenges in childhood and  … Read more

Graduation Speech