Family Time Play-at-Home

Toilet Paper Small Parts Play for Toddlers

Save all those empty toilet paper rolls and add small parts to explore in & through, stuck & push, hard & soft. Add a 5 gallon water jug and beaded  … Read more

The Itsy Bitsy Mumbo Jumbo Teensy Weeny Spider

Get your spider hands out! Here we go…

Rock Play…toddlers style loose parts

Gather rocks for washing and mud painting! Bring nature inside or set your little one up outside with water and props to discover and e plies!

There’s a Spider on My Head

A Family Time Favorite! There’s a Spider on My Head – ah ah ah choooooo

Shredded paper, Animals on the March and more

Greetings from the Family Time Classroom as I invite you to see what we do and possibly share some ideas for families at home