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Child Meltdowns – Parent Burnout with Dr Tara Zuckerman

For many of us, these are stressful times! They are especially stressful for parents trying to help children manage anxiety when grownup anxiety is so close to the surface. We  … Read more

Episode #223 Anxiety – Yours Mine Ours

For many of us, these are stressful times! They are especially stressful for parents trying to help children manage anxiety when grownup anxiety is so close to the surface. We  … Read more

Episode #210 Revisiting Self Care before Holiday Madness Sets In

You owe it to your children! You owe it to yourself!   Revisiting Episode #92

Episode #205 Self-Acceptance & Mom Mistakes

One from the Archives that was originally titled “I Did Everything Wrong” – Yes! Learning and growing, for parents as well as for kids, means mistake-making, uncertainty and risk. If  … Read more

Episode # 204 Adjusting to Motherhood, and Fatherhood

Becoming a parent is monumental. Moms and dads need support and understanding navigating changing roles, changing routines, changing relationships, not to mention all the physical and emotional upheaval. Meet Dr.  … Read more

Episode #194 Working Mom, How Do You Do It?

Our continuing conversation with moms who are juggling work demands, family demands and self-care. How do they manage schedules, planning and all the unforeseen challenges of holding it all together?  … Read more

Episode #183 Mothers Day and Self-Care

Wishing everyone a Mother’s Day full of self-care, self-honoring and self-recognition!  

Episode #169 Parenting – Marriage – Communication

Here’s one from the archives, originally titles Parents: United and Separate – how to respect differences and come together when it matters! Revisiting because we know the secret is Communication!!!  … Read more

Episode #168 Peace and Power for Parents

Parent peace is always elusive and it’s even harder as your child grows in independence and sassiness. Listen as these parents follow up on Episode #90 – the ongoing challenge  … Read more

Episode #165 Happy New Year Wishes

my New Year’s wish for you – there will be love in 2019, lots of love!!!!  

Episode #164 Sex after Baby

As we talk about sex after baby, we see that sex is about couple-care and self-care – essential to emotional well-being for parents and for families. Listen to Rebecca Ginder,  … Read more

Episode #163 Working Moms Continued

The stories of working moms remind us that everyone creates and discovers what works for them and honoring those choices are the only way to sanity. It’s never easy and  … Read more

Episode #160 Mom Wisdom – looking back

Here are three amazing moms with 20/20 hindsight for their Mom Journey! There’s true wisdom in what they understand about themselves and their children and also the priceless experience of  … Read more

Episode #151 The Mom Rant

Everyone needs a good rant – to let out all those contradictory and complex feelings and thoughts that coexist with the joy and meaningfulness of being a mom. Let’s talk  … Read more

Episode #150 When Parents Get Sick

This is a must-hear episode of the things you believe you can never handle – mom getting sick or dad having a terrible accident. Listen and discover strength, bravery and  … Read more

Episode #136 Check on Your Strong Friend

The depth of heartache for recent public suicides touches so many in our communities, particularly women. As I see so many posts of care and compassion, I can’t help but  … Read more

Episode #131 Exhausted and Needs Help!

Parenting is exhausting! Sleep deprived, managing the needs of children, trying to manage the demands of work and life commitments. One writer described it as physically, mentally and spiritually exhausting.  … Read more

Episode #112 Distracted Parents Staying Connected

Parents, especially moms, are master multi-taskers. Yet, there are times when times when multi-tasking is efficient and helpful and others when it’s not. Children need to feel connected in order  … Read more

Episode #109 Single Moms Choices and Challenges

Is being a single parent different than being a two-parent family? maybe yes, maybe no. One thing it most certainly is – it is enough and it is whole! Listen  … Read more

Episode #106 The Mental Load of Parenting

And the question is – does the mental load of parenting fall heavily on the shoulders of moms? Here’s a great conversation about how parents carry the emotional load of  … Read more

Episode #103 Parenting in a Worrisome World

Listen for some timeless wisdom about how to continue to raise resilient, optimistic children in a stressful world. Dr. Aaryn Gottesfeld brings a calm and reassuring voice as she helps  … Read more

Episode #101 What Stresses You Out?

Stress? What stress? Life is stress. Life-with-kids is messy, chaotic and, in a million ways, chaotic. From general, everyday-life stress to the stressful challenges of living-with-kids – cooperation, routines, negotiations,  … Read more

Episode #95 I Did Everything Wrong

We are here to celebrate the messiness of life-with-kids – that means we celebrate mistakes on the way to learning, epic fails for taking a chance, and the embarrassing and  … Read more

Episode #86 Starting Camp – Mom Emotions

We talk alot about big emotions for toddlers. Today, the conversation is big emotions for Moms. Even when you and your child are well prepared for starting school or summer  … Read more

Episode #84 If I knew then…

Being a parent means learning each new age and stage along with your child and, mostly, it’s trying your best through uncertainty and doubt. But “If you knew then, what  … Read more

Episode #82 Couple Power – parenting after infertility and surrogacy

Today’s podcast brings together two strong, resilient and resourceful couples who shared the heartbreak of infertility and the challenges of surrogacy. Through their experiences, they learned about mutual support and  … Read more

Episode #73 Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is not rare nor should it be a silent shame. We want to break the taboo and let moms know they are not alone and they do not  … Read more

Episode #61 Happy Holidays – repeat after me…Moms are People!

Here’s a favorite for New Year’s – hope everyone feels the contagion of discovering what fills your heart, in addition to kids and family. Because when moms follow their passion  … Read more

Episode #55 Single Mom Challenges and Joy

Life with kids is messy and divorce makes things even messier. Whether you are a single parent sharing custody and trying to instill consistent values or a single parent 24/7,  … Read more

Episode #45 Infertility and the Silent Stories that Come Before Baby

We sit in baby and toddler classes all across the country beaming with joy as if everyone who ever wanted to start a family got their wish without heartache, sadness  … Read more

Episode #28 Mom Sanity – how much is enough?

Welcome to a conversation about the never-ending quest for peace and balance. How much is enough sanity? How much is enough self-care? How much is too much tequila? How do  … Read more