Feelings & Emotional Intelligence

Child Meltdowns – Parent Burnout with Dr Tara Zuckerman

For many of us, these are stressful times! They are especially stressful for parents trying to help children manage anxiety when grownup anxiety is so close to the surface. We  … Read more

Episode #226 When a Child asks, “Is God Evil?”

Why doesn’t G-d make Covid go away! Join us as we explore how to answer really hard questions from children when we are struggling with the same questions. How can  … Read more

Episode #221 Monster Big Feelings

A special preview of Karen’s new podcast with Rabbi David Steinhardt, called The Language of Ahava. With special guest Avi Steinhardt and Louis, the Blue Monster! Let’s talk about BIG  … Read more

Episode #220 Children’s Anger

What to do when your child’s angry? When your child can’t “hear” your calming messages? Anger is a big, challenging emotion for the children experiencing it and for the parents  … Read more

Episode #219 Laughter & Emotional Intelligence

Our goal is to raise children who have strong emotional intelligence, who are resilient, resourceful, flexible and experience joy. The developmental arc of emotional intelligence is to move from the  … Read more

Episode #218 Setting Limits when Your Child Isn’t Cooperating

Here’s an episode from the Archives talking about Setting Limits with Respect when there is resistance, attitude and pushback from your child. With 5 new tips from Karen: Act with  … Read more

Episode #216 Change My Child’s Behavior Now

In our quest to be “better” in a new year, we often look around and try to get others to change – particularly the all the frustrating things children do.  … Read more

Episode #212 Comfort and Emotional Intelligence

Back from the NAEYC Conference, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and proud and inspired to be an Early Childhood educator!!! Here’s a podcast from the archives  … Read more

Episode #211 Gratitude and Emotional Intelligence

Gratitude and Emotional Intelligence go hand in hand – both are skills that require practice to develop fully. The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence suggests three parts to a “gratitude  … Read more

Episode #190 Big Emotions Starting Camp

Big emotions are a part of every new beginning, every new step in development – particularly starting Camp or School. Listen as these 3 moms describe the emotions and the  … Read more

Episode #177 Revisiting Importance of Social-Emotional Skills

Let’s revisit why social-emotional skills are so important for Kindergarten and life success. Listen as Early Childhood educators discuss how kids learn best. This is a replay of Episode #142  … Read more

Episode #176 Emotions and Emotional Intelligence

Emotions may be the most important key to understanding ourselves and creating deeply loving, nurturing relationships. Today we talk about baby emotions, toddler emotions, how layered and complex emotions feels  … Read more

Episode #162 Revisiting How to be a Peaceful Parent

Revisiting Episode #90 Parents wake up every day with the intention of being peaceful, calm, understanding and deeply loving. If you have a young child, chances are you begin to  … Read more

Episode #150 When Parents Get Sick

This is a must-hear episode of the things you believe you can never handle – mom getting sick or dad having a terrible accident. Listen and discover strength, bravery and  … Read more

Episode #144 Micromanager Moms or How to Let Go of the Little Stuff

What matters and what can you let go of? What needs your attention and what can you trust will be okay? Are you a Micromanager Mom stressing over doing everything  … Read more

Episode #136 Check on Your Strong Friend

The depth of heartache for recent public suicides touches so many in our communities, particularly women. As I see so many posts of care and compassion, I can’t help but  … Read more

Episode #120 Holding Space for Difficult Emotions

A few thoughts on managing the difficult emotions and the crisis in our community after the shootings at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. The concept of “holding space” might help  … Read more

Episode #49 Discipline Part 1 – Manage the Moment

It’s not easy when children don’t cooperate, don’t listen, or test the limits of a situation. Here is Part 1 of a two-parter on discipline called Manage the Moment. Yes,  … Read more

Episode #48 Calm Teaches Calm when your child drives you crazy

Fear, panic, shouting, scolding escalates a stressful scene into a worse one – like gasoline on fire. The mantra of the wise and reasonable parent is: I can handle anything.  … Read more

Episode #46 Starting School Jitters – Support for the Tears and Fears

Now matter how ready you and your child are for back-to-school or for starting school, there are big emotions and challenges. Even when first days go well, week 2 or  … Read more