Especially for Dads

Episode #206 Baby Dads – what no one told us

This is a follow-up to Episode #195 with Newborn Moms describing What No One Told Us about those insane first 2 months. Here’s the Dad conversation!!! You will love it.  … Read more

Episode # 204 Adjusting to Motherhood, and Fatherhood

Becoming a parent is monumental. Moms and dads need support and understanding navigating changing roles, changing routines, changing relationships, not to mention all the physical and emotional upheaval. Meet Dr.  … Read more

Episode #189 Dads on Dads – Coach & Nurturers

Dads are redefining what it means to be a dad. Listen as these dads describe their emotional commitment to being the kind of dads they strive to be. They want  … Read more

Episode #178 Dads on Dads

Are we listening to Dad Stories? I’m pretty sure Dads are carrying a big load of emotional parenting on their shoulders. Listen to what they are juggling day-to-day, their worries,  … Read more

Episode #152 Dads with Powerful Fearless Daughters

Powerful, fearless girls are self-directed, curious, all-in,masterful, maybe a little relentless, but definitely risk-takers. They often defy gender and age expectations for toddlers and children. And they often challenge parents  … Read more

Episode #107 Back off Moms – Dads Up

Parenting is hard but one person does not have to carry all the emotional burden. With enormous self-awareness and honest communication, moms and dads can redefine each of their roles  … Read more

Episode #71 Dad’s Perspective on Parenting Styles

Here it is – dads supporting dads! Dads writing their own path to understanding and raising kids! You’ll laugh. You might cry a few tender hearted tears. What makes a  … Read more

Episode #32 The “New” Dads – diaper changers & co-decision makers

The “new” dads are the diaper changers and co-decision makers. They are defining for themselves how dads look, act, speak, and sometimes struggle with being a parent. New research confirms  … Read more

Episode #15 Fun Dad

Dads are hands-on and all-in, very much part of their children’s lives. They bring the FUN and they bring a new respect and support for moms. Thanks Dads…for sharing your  … Read more