Education Consulting


Coaching & Training

Family Time offers workshops for educators and program development strategies for schools and businesses. We can customize solutions to meet your unique staff and program needs.

Educational Consulting

We use our experience and creativity to rejuvenate and recharge your educational mission.

  • Parent-Child Program Development
  • Family Engagement Strategies and Programming
  • Infant-Toddler Program Development and Curriculum Support
  • Play-Based Early Childhood Curriculum for Social-Emotional Skill-Building and Executive Function Skills

Program and Staff Development Seminars

  • Connecting with Parents: On-Demand, Social and Personal
  • Amygdala Hyjack & Burnout Fatigue: Social-Emotional Intelligence for Effective Family Engagement
  • The Entitlement-Free Classroom: Innovative Teaching & Communication Strategies for Teachers in a Me-Mine-Now World
  • Kids Haven’t Changed but Parents Have: Tips and Strategies for Connecting with Millennial Parents
  • 1+1=3 – A Collaboration Model of Communicating with Millennial Parents
  • Collaborative Problem Solving: Bigger, Better Solutions – Directors Retreat
  • We Create Magic: Experiences and Environment for Infant/Toddler Classrooms
  • Making Judaic Themes Meaningful: Authentic Infant/Toddler Experiences through the Jewish Year
  • Engagement for the 21st Century: Building Intergenerational Synagogue Communities
  • Laughing Our Way to Better Teaching: Humor and Silliness in Early Childhood
  • On-Demand, Social and Personal


  • One-on-One Staff Development
  • Professional Problem Solving
  • Observation and Goal Setting
  • Team Building

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